Computer Magic Tricks

If you are looking for computer magic tricks online then you should check out the site Akinator. This is a very cute game that is presented as a magic trick. The website is actually backed by a database filled with the names and particulars of many different famous people as well as not so famous individuals. In the game, the genie asks you all kinds of questions to try and figure out what person you are thinking of. Questions include gender, age, profession and many more. The game narrows it down until it feels that it can guess who you are thinking of and believe it or not, it is correct almost all of the time. The person in fact doesn’t even need to be famous, it could be a generic individual like “my sister” or “my teacher”. You can even choose God as your character and the game will most likely guess correctly.

The Akinator game is also available in several different languages besides English. Some of these languages include, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic. If you want to impress someone with a computer magic trick then you should certainly show him this site and let him play a few rounds of the game. Anyone who likes magic tricks will be impressed by this site.

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  1. mike

    excellent game, 5 of 5 for the game!

  2. Those are really valuable tips I never heard the will be tips like this thanks a lot.

  3. These are really cool computer magic tricks. Great website!

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